Metro police

Metro Police

The Metro Police are the most minor characters in the game. They work for the Combine and fight Resistance, enforcing civil society across the planet.
Metro Police!



Metro Police walking away after knocking out Gordon.

Metro Police tend to become aggresive if the player walks too close to them in the train station, shoving them away. If they player continuously walks towards them, they will turn on their stun-stick and chase the player for a short spand of time.

They will automatically chase the player outside of the train station, if they are in places blocked by metro police,  Combine APC tanks guarded by metro police, and where citizens are being arrested.

Once Metro Police figure out that Barney is not actually a combine, they will have more dangerous weapons such as an SMG or pistol. They will shoot at Gordon and the music will change deeper into the city and near Black Mesa, where Kleiner's lab is. The player will eventually come to a building and hide with some citizens that are hiding from the Metro Police. They will eventually pull up to the house in an APC, with two metro police in that break down the door and beat the citizens. It is unknown why, but some citzens scream when  they attack and cry beforehand.

They are also aggressive to Zombies, Aliens, Rebels, Resistance, and The Player.

Role           Edit

The Metro Police have no official role in game, other than to fight anything other than other Combine. They will 

Metro police 2

A metro police attacking a zombie.

lunge at threats and non threats, such as Zombies and Rebels. They also will shoot the player and are to patrol the city. They are also against the player and will shoot anything that carries a gun or is a threat. 

They can also be seen attacking a Strider at the city, arresting some citzens and blocking an entrance to a building where they are beating some people.



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